“No One Can Reject Me Without My Consent”

By Dr. Margaret Paul December 03, 2018

Discover this truth – that no one can reject you without your consent.

“No one can make me feel inferior without my consent. No one can reject me without my consent.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

Wise lady, Eleanor Roosevelt. However, her statement is one that many . . . → Read More: “No One Can Reject Me Without My Consent”

Loving Yourself Enough to Create Balance In Your Life

I’m certain that many of you can relate to the following question from Serena:

“I’ve noticed I’m extreme. When I look after my heath I don’t allow myself any unhealthy food, but after a few months I get fed up with being cautious and then I eat only processed food. I know it’s wrong . . . → Read More: Loving Yourself Enough to Create Balance In Your Life

Loving Yourself When You Feel Freaked Out

It’s one thing to be loving to yourself when things are going well and you feel centered and peaceful inside. It’s quite another to love yourself when you feel panicked and freaked out.

Tara ask me the following question in one of my webinars:

“When my inner child gets really freaked out, and I . . . → Read More: Loving Yourself When You Feel Freaked Out

Loving Yourself And Others Heals Emptiness

Are you addicted to substances, processes or people to fill your emptiness and take away your aloneness? There is a better way to feel full inside! . . . → Read More: Loving Yourself And Others Heals Emptiness

Are You Living Your Life or Just Getting It Over With?

Do you often try to get a task over with, or even get life over with? Do you have problems staying in the moment and enjoying the process of something, rather than just completing a task?

How often do you find yourself wanting to finish something or to get something over with, rather than being in the moment with whatever is happening? How often does accomplishing the goal seem more important than being in the process? Why is it often more important to complete something than to savor the process, moment by moment?

My client Jacob always has a list of what he needs to do and he feels safe and worthy when he can check things off his list. His list keeps him busy with the next task and the next, leaving him no time to be present in the moment. When I ask Jacob, during a phone session, to go inside and feel what he is feeling in the moment, he tells me that it doesn’t feel very good to be inside his body. He doesn’t like to be present because he is often in emotional pain. Continue reading Are You Living Your Life or Just Getting It Over With?


Longing For Connection

Are you longing for connection? Discover what you need to do to create loving connection with another.

Deeply connecting with another is one of the great joys of life, and is something most of us long for. Deep connection takes away loneliness and gives us the experience of being deeply known. We feel safe and loved when our hearts connect. Research indicates that the happiest people in the world are those who live in communities where they feel connected with each other.

Of course we long for connection when we don’t have it in our lives. But sometimes it seems elusive – even in committed relationships.

Larissa asked me, “Am I being needy when I am longing for connection with my spouse?”

A good question, and the answer is not simple.

If you are longing for connection with your spouse because you are feeling alone and empty inside and you hope that he will fill you up and make you feel worthy and lovable, then the answer is yes – you are being needy. Continue reading Longing For Connection