Taking The Lid Off Your Feelings

By Dr. Margaret Paul March 17, 2019

For a moment, go back to being a little child and remember… remember an adult being unloving to you:

An adult (parent, other caregiver, teacher, relative, religious figure, or some other adult in authority) yells at you. An adult invalidates you. An adult ignores you. . . . → Read More: Taking The Lid Off Your Feelings

Relationships: Protection and Projection

By Dr. Margaret Paul December 17, 2018

“I think I’m an open person, but Sarah keeps telling me how closed I am. She gets furious when she wants to talk about our relationship and I don’t.”

Matthew, in his late 20s, and married to Sarah for 2 years, had consulted with me due to . . . → Read More: Relationships: Protection and Projection

The Selfishness of Self-Abandonment

By Dr. Margaret Paul November 19, 2018

Are you contributing to the darkness of our planet? Discover how you might inadvertently be doing this and what you can do about it.


Imagine a pond with sparkling clear water. Imagine that someone drops a small drop of black ink into the pond. You . . . → Read More: The Selfishness of Self-Abandonment

How To Love Yourself When Someone Is Being A Victim

Do you know how to love yourself in the face of someone complaining to you and being a victim? . . . → Read More: How To Love Yourself When Someone Is Being A Victim

Loving Yourself

Are you asking your higher self for the loving action and not receiving answers?

Ernie was having trouble accessing his higher self. He wanted to know about the loving action toward himself, but he couldn’t seem to receive any answers. Because his inner child often felt abandoned and unloved due to the lack of loving action, Ernie often felt disconnected and depressed.

In one of our sessions, I asked Ernie to open to seeing his core Self, his essence, his natural Inner child. I asked him to open to seeing his essence through the loving eyes of his spiritual Guidance. “What do you see when you look at yourself through loving eyes?” I asked. Continue reading Loving Yourself


Are You Living Your Life or Just Getting It Over With?

Do you often try to get a task over with, or even get life over with? Do you have problems staying in the moment and enjoying the process of something, rather than just completing a task?

How often do you find yourself wanting to finish something or to get something over with, rather than being in the moment with whatever is happening? How often does accomplishing the goal seem more important than being in the process? Why is it often more important to complete something than to savor the process, moment by moment?

My client Jacob always has a list of what he needs to do and he feels safe and worthy when he can check things off his list. His list keeps him busy with the next task and the next, leaving him no time to be present in the moment. When I ask Jacob, during a phone session, to go inside and feel what he is feeling in the moment, he tells me that it doesn’t feel very good to be inside his body. He doesn’t like to be present because he is often in emotional pain. Continue reading Are You Living Your Life or Just Getting It Over With?