When it is Loving to You to Control – and When it’s Not

By Dr. Margaret Paul November 02, 2020

Discover when controlling opens your heart and when it closes you down and blocks your connection with your spiritual guidance.

The kind of control that actually blocks our ability to access spirit is when we try to control what we can’t control – such as . . . → Read More: When it is Loving to You to Control – and When it’s Not

Discover the Secrets of Manifestation

By Dr. Margaret Paul May 25, 2020

Learn about the deeper level of the Law of Attraction.

We are co-creators with God, so we have the ability to manifest what we want. However, as we all know, this is often easier said than done. We manifest only what we surrender. ~Martha Beck, Photos From . . . → Read More: Discover the Secrets of Manifestation

“I Don’t Know Anything!”

By Dr. Margaret Paul April 06, 2020

What if you knew that, not only do you know nothing, but that you don’t need to know anything?


“One thing only I know, and that is that I know nothing.” Socrates

One of my all-time favorite movie lines is in the Alastair Sims version of A . . . → Read More: “I Don’t Know Anything!”

A Different Kind of New Year’s Resolution

By Dr. Margaret Paul December 31, 2018

This year, make two New Year’s Resolution lists – one for your external goals and one for who you want to be.

There are two kinds of New Year’s Resolutions:

What you are going to do to accomplish your goals Who you want to be . . . → Read More: A Different Kind of New Year’s Resolution

Learning to Love Your Sacred Being

Do you know who you are in your essence? If you knew that your core Self, your essence, was a sacred being, an individualized expression of Spirit, would you treat yourself differently than you currently do?

There is a wonderful story about a king who went into a downtrodden village, a village with no schools, no libraries and no joy. He told the people of the village that he had just replaced one of their newborn babies with a royal child. He said that he was going to come back at some point to see how they were raising this royal child, and warned them that they had better do a good job. Since no one knew who the royal child was, each parent said to themselves, “Maybe it’s my child. I’d better be very loving with this child so the king will be happy.” Continue reading Learning to Love Your Sacred Being


Do You Experience Life As A Burden Or As A Sacred Privilege?

Learn how to embrace life as the sacred privilege it is rather than be stuck just getting through.

Peter experiences life as a burden – a sentence to get through that is filled with suffering. Peter trudges through his life, experiencing little joy. He works hard, makes enough money to feel financially secure enough to take care of his family, and spends little time in connection with others. To Peter, life has no real purpose other than to make money and do the best he can to feel safe.

Peter has no connection with anything greater than himself. He does not believe in God, Spirit or a Higher Power. He believes that when he dies, he disappears forever. He has no perspective of anything beyond this life. Life, therefore, has little meaning to Peter. Continue reading Do You Experience Life As A Burden Or As A Sacred Privilege?