When it is Loving to You to Control – and When it’s Not

By Dr. Margaret Paul November 02, 2020

Discover when controlling opens your heart and when it closes you down and blocks your connection with your spiritual guidance.

The kind of control that actually blocks our ability to access spirit is when we try to control what we can’t control – such as . . . → Read More: When it is Loving to You to Control – and When it’s Not

Do You Feel Seen and Valued?

By Dr. Margaret Paul June 01, 2020

When you see and value yourself, how do you manage the feelings that may still come up when others don’t see and value you?

Earlier in my life I didn’t feel seen by others. Since I never felt seen by my parents, I figured this . . . → Read More: Do You Feel Seen and Valued?

The Gifts Within Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression hold within them much important information.

When you feel anxious or depressed, do you try to get rid of these feelings, or do you learn from them?

Getting rid of anxiety and depression is big business – especially for the pharmaceutical companies. Drug sales for anti-anxiety meds and antidepressants are huge. This is very sad to me, because, while there are circumstances where these meds are medically called for, much of the time they are prescribed in an effort to simply get rid of our painful feelings. The problem with this is that it leaves us without the roadmap we need to navigate life in a loving, meaningful and joyful way.

Anxiety and depression have major information for us. Let’s compare these feelings to the pain you would feel if you grabbed a hot pan with your bare hand or cut your finger slicing your veggies. Continue reading The Gifts Within Anxiety and Depression


Inspirational Video: Let Joy Be Your Guide

Spirit has gifted us with an unerring guide to keep us on track with what is true and loving to ourselves and others. Watching this 1 minute movie, “Let Joy Be Your Guide,” will remind you of this gift.

Self-Validation – How to Validate Yourself

Do you now how to validate yourself or are you dependent for your sense of worth on others approval and validation? Learn how now! . . . → Read More: Self-Validation – How to Validate Yourself