Don't Be Your Partner's Therapist

By Dr. Margaret Paul July 12, 2021

Learn why it’s not healthy to be your partner’s therapist, and what else to do.

One of the important things I learned in my own marriage and in my work with clients is that a committed relationship is NOT supposed to be a therapeutic relationship. . . . → Read More: Don’t Be Your Partner’s Therapist

Staying Loving In The Face Of Others’ Unloving Behavior


By Dr. Margaret Paul October 26, 2020

Discover what healing needs to occur within you before you can stop being reactive to others’ unloving behavior.

One of our greatest challenges in relationships is to not get triggered into self-abandonment when others are unloving – to stay connected with ourselves rather than getting . . . → Read More: Staying Loving In The Face Of Others’ Unloving Behavior

“Should I Avoid People Who Push My Buttons?”

Is it in your highest good to stay away from people who trigger you? The answer might surprise you.

I’m sure you’ve had the experience of consistently being triggered by a certain kind of person. I certainly have. Before Inner Bonding, I tended to get irritated by people who pushed my buttons. Now, I know that these people are my best teachers.

Rosa is struggling with this issue:

“Do certain people trigger our wounded selves while others do not? If I practice Inner Bonding long enough could I become consistent in not being triggered? Should I avoid people who trigger me most intensely – like my lover?” Continue reading “Should I Avoid People Who Push My Buttons?”


The Terror that Triggers Protective Behaviors

Do you know what triggers you and why?

Have you ever found yourself suddenly feeling angry or scared or shut down when a moment ago you were feeling fine?

People or situations can trigger us into rage, anger, blame, compliance, caretaking, resistance, withdrawal, numbness, dissociation, explaining, complaining, lecturing, righteousness and so on. These triggered feelings are generally attached to previous traumatic events, such as: