The Vast Difference Between Aloneness and Loneliness

By Dr. Margaret Paul July 19, 2021

Have you ever been around people, yet felt both alone and lonely? Have you ever been alone, yet didn’t feel lonely?

Often, when I ask my clients what they feel, it’s obvious to me that they are confused between loneliness and aloneness.


Aloneness is . . . → Read More: The Vast Difference Between Aloneness and Loneliness

Do You Feel Invisible To Your Partner?

By Dr. Margaret Paul April 05, 2021

Do your conversations with your partner feel like a one-way street?

 Many of us have the experience of feeling unseen and unheard by our partner.For example, Kristy asks:”My partner is a good sharer and easily talks about his feelings, his day, his dreams, his struggles, etc. . . . → Read More: Do You Feel Invisible To Your Partner?

The Circle of Love: The Highest Experience in Life

A circle of love is the result of people being together with open hearts, and is the most wonderful experience in life.

Have you ever experienced a circle of love?

A circle of love occurs when two or more people are together with completely open hearts – open with their essence, with each other and with Spirit. When we are deeply connected with our core self and with the love and sustenance of Spirit, and we are sharing our love with others – and they are doing the same – a circle of love occurs. A circle of love is the highest, most joyous experience in life.

Yet most people in relationships rarely, if ever, experience a circle of love. This is because when the intent is to protect against pain rather than to learn about love, the heart is closed to feelings, as well as to others and to Spirit. Continue reading The Circle of Love: The Highest Experience in Life


Connection: Our Deepest Desire

We all deeply desire connection with others, but what is necessary for us to have this?

When we were born, the most important thing to us was connection with our mother. We needed connection with her body for adequate sustenance. We needed emotional connection with her, or with someone, to feel safe, and to develop the ability to regulate our feelings. Connection with someone was essential to our physical survival and our emotional well being.
When we are fortunate enough to have a healthy experience of connection with our parents, we grow up feeling loved, lovable and safe. But in order to have this healthy connection, our parents or other caregivers need to be connected with themselves. They cannot fully connect with us if they are disconnected from themselves. Continue reading Connection: Our Deepest Desire