How We Break Each Other’s Hearts

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The Heart of Healing

There is ONE vital choice that you can make that leads to healing rather than to suffering. Discover that powerful choice in this article. . . . → Read More: The Heart of Healing

Addictions: Talking as a Form of Resistance

Many people have discovered talking as way to avoid being invaded, controlled, or rejected by others. Yet this addiction, as well as many others, being a form of self-abandonment, leads to much suffering. . . . → Read More: Addictions: Talking as a Form of Resistance

Addiction to Spending

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How do you Define Success?

Our society is way off track about what is regarded as success. Discover how you define success and if your definition is serving you well. . . . → Read More: How do you Define Success?

Gaining Others’ Respect

Are you distressed about how often others are disrespectful to you? Discover why this may be happening and what you can do about it. . . . → Read More: Gaining Others’ Respect