Don't Be Your Partner's Therapist

By Dr. Margaret Paul July 12, 2021

Learn why it’s not healthy to be your partner’s therapist, and what else to do.

One of the important things I learned in my own marriage and in my work with clients is that a committed relationship is NOT supposed to be a therapeutic relationship. . . . → Read More: Don’t Be Your Partner’s Therapist

What Makes You Feel Most Connected With Others?

By Dr. Margaret Paul September 23, 2019

What makes you feel connected with or disconnected from the important people in your life?

Connection with the people who are important to us is a vital need for everyone. Our brains are hard-wired to share love and connection with others. Many of us know . . . → Read More: What Makes You Feel Most Connected With Others?

Why Am I So Jealous and How Can I Stop?


Why Am I So Jealous and How Can I Stop?

By Dr. Margaret Paul January 07, 2019

You can heal your jealousy! Discover the underlying cause and how to heal it.

“My husband has become friends with the woman next door and when he talks with her, I feel crazy with jealousy. . . . → Read More: Why Am I So Jealous and How Can I Stop?

Relationships: Protection and Projection

By Dr. Margaret Paul December 17, 2018

“I think I’m an open person, but Sarah keeps telling me how closed I am. She gets furious when she wants to talk about our relationship and I don’t.”

Matthew, in his late 20s, and married to Sarah for 2 years, had consulted with me due to . . . → Read More: Relationships: Protection and Projection

Can Love REALLY Last A Lifetime?

My dear friends who have been married for 78 years share their secret to keeping their love alive. . . . → Read More: Can Love REALLY Last A Lifetime?

“My Wife Is No Longer In Love With Me”

Are you willing to do the inner work you need to do to possibly save your relationship?

Many people, like Aaron who asked the following question, seek my help because either their partner is no longer in love with them, or they are no longer in love with their partner.

Aaron asks:

“My wife has recently told me she is no longer in love, will stay for 6 months to a year for proper closure, but does intend to divorce eventually. For a week or so I tried to talk her out of it, into going to counseling, etc… but have given up on that for now. She says it just didn’t work, she’s not in love any longer. She’s about to turn 50 and says she’s spent her entire life living for a man and just wants to live for herself. I’ve offered freedom and independence without divorce, but that doesn’t seem to be her goal. Should I just give up and work on filling up my life with new meaning?” Continue reading “My Wife Is No Longer In Love With Me”