Do You Feel Seen and Valued?

By Dr. Margaret Paul June 01, 2020

When you see and value yourself, how do you manage the feelings that may still come up when others don’t see and value you?

Earlier in my life I didn’t feel seen by others. Since I never felt seen by my parents, I figured this . . . → Read More: Do You Feel Seen and Valued?

“I Just Want to be Understood.”

“Seek first to understand and then to be understood.” – Stephen Covey

How often have you heard yourself say:

“I just want someone to understand me.”
“I just want to be heard.”
“I feel invisible.”
“I just want to be seen.”

I know what it feels like to not be understood, heard, or seen, as I spent most of the first 45 years of my life feeling invisible.

It feels terrible.

By that time I had learned to do what Stephen Covey recommends. I was very good at understanding others, but I still didn’t feel understood by them. Continue reading “I Just Want to be Understood.”