When it is Loving to You to Control – and When it’s Not

By Dr. Margaret Paul November 02, 2020

Discover when controlling opens your heart and when it closes you down and blocks your connection with your spiritual guidance.

The kind of control that actually blocks our ability to access spirit is when we try to control what we can’t control – such as . . . → Read More: When it is Loving to You to Control – and When it’s Not

Confronting an Abusive Parent

By Dr. Margaret Paul October 19, 2020

Is it loving to yourself to confront a parent about past abuse? Discover what is right for you.

A woman wrote, asking:

“I am trying to connect with my family of origin. I’ve been working on my recovery for a bit over a year (ACA . . . → Read More: Confronting an Abusive Parent

What Do You Do When Someone Hurts You?

By Dr. Margaret Paul September 06, 2020

When someone does something that scares or hurts you, do you lovingly manage your pain or do try to control them?

When I was a very young child, I quickly learned to jump out of myself whenever my mother was angry at me – which . . . → Read More: What Do You Do When Someone Hurts You?

Are You Codependent With Your Higher Power?

By Dr. Margaret Paul August 31, 2020


Hilary wrote:

I am eating very clean and working out five days a week. I try to meditate every day. Despite this, I feel disconnected and unloved by my Higher Power. I know this is just how I FEEL and not reality. I tell . . . → Read More: Are You Codependent With Your Higher Power?

“I Can’t Receive Love.”

By Dr. Margaret Paul August 17, 2020

Do you have trouble giving and receiving love? You CAN heal this

Lindsay wrote during one of my webinars:

“I can’t receive love. Physically, not even a kiss or stroke of kindness. I was never told ‘you’re awesome, great job, you’re beautiful, you can do . . . → Read More: “I Can’t Receive Love.”

Intuition vs. Instinct


By Dr. Margaret Paul July 13, 2020

Discover the big differences between instinct and intuition.

There is a huge difference between instinct and intuition, and it’s important to differentiate between them, especially right now with so much uncertainly on our planet.

Instinct Is About Survival

Instinct comes partly from the amygdala, which . . . → Read More: Intuition vs. Instinct