“If I Move Into My Power, Will I End Up Alone?”

Do you have the common false belief that the better you feel about yourself, the more alone you will be?

Yolanda asks:

“What is coming up for me is — if I completely move out of self-judgment and fully take the responsibility to actualize the deepest yearnings of my Soul, I will be SO POWERFUL that NOBODY . . . → Read More: “If I Move Into My Power, Will I End Up Alone?”

Authenticity, Transparency and Integrity

We seem to be living in a time when authenticity and transparency are not highly valued. We have only to look at government and many government agencies such as the FDA, politics, the military, big corporations, some religious leaders, drug companies, insurance companies and the media to see that manipulation and lies are the norm. Many of us have naturally come to mistrust much of what is being said in the media.

People become inauthentic when they have something to hide, and they are transparent when they are coming from integrity.

How can you know when someone is being authentic and transparent, or lying and manipulating? The answer is to learn to trust your feelings. Continue reading Authenticity, Transparency and Integrity


Relationships and Emotional Connection

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Lying as a Form of Control

Did you learn to lie as a child to protect yourself from rejection? Are you still using this form of control, which is undermining your self-esteem? Discover how to heal lying. . . . → Read More: Lying as a Form of Control