“My Wife Won’t Have Sex With Me “

Is sex mostly gone out of your relationship? There are always good reasons for this.

Do you identify with Lawrence, whose wife won’t have sex with him? In my work with individuals and couples, I often hear this complaint. Lawrence asks:

“Would you please address how one deals with the anger, frustration, hurt, etc., . . . → Read More: “My Wife Won’t Have Sex With Me “

How to Talk about Sex

Are you stuck in your relationship not being able to talk about sex, or getting into power struggles about sex?

Sean wrote in the following question on one of my free webinars about sexuality:

“My wife and I have been married now for eighteen years and for the most part are still very happy together. A year or so ago a friend introduced us to Inner Bonding and both together and alone we have become familiar with the Six Steps. My question for you this evening is, what suggestions do have to help us communicate our sexual needs and desires without so much defensiveness and judgments? Our wounded selves have a powerful dynamic in these regards so fear, of course, enters in with its control/protect mode. And so the dance continues…” Continue reading How to Talk about Sex


“My Husband is Not Sexual”

Are you in a relationship with a man who is not sexual? You are not alone!

In a question to me on one of my webinars, Melanie writes: “My husband is very loving, but not very sexual. I’ve tried to talk to him about this many times in non-threatening ways, but his lack of enthusiasm toward sex makes it very difficult to engage myself when he finally does get around to feeling sexual. We have zero intimacy mentally and very little physically.”

We often hear of men complaining that their wives are not sexual. It might surprise you that I often hear this complaint from women as well. Continue reading “My Husband is Not Sexual”