You CAN Heal The Wounds of Abusive Parenting

By Dr. Margaret Paul October 04, 2020

The outlook doesn’t have to be bleak for those of us who had abusive or neglectful parenting.

“There are clear links between an individual’s psychological coping strategies and his or her physiological coping strategies. Both are established in infancy and toddlerhood and tend to persist . . . → Read More: You CAN Heal The Wounds of Abusive Parenting

“I Keep Choosing The Wrong Partner”

Discover the way out of choosing the wrong relationships over and over.

Do you find yourself choosing a similar wrong partner over and over? This is what Laura asks about:

“How can I get past the point of choosing destructive and abusive relationships over and over just because I grew up in an abusive and dysfunctional family? Is it better to just remain single and grow with God and be a good mom and not gravitate toward craziness?”

Laura, there are a number of issues here that need to be addressed. Continue reading “I Keep Choosing The Wrong Partner”