Healing Neediness

By Dr. Margaret Paul October 04, 2021

Discover when you have a legitimate need and when you are being needy, and how to heal neediness.

Neediness is often a primary cause of relationship problems.

We are needy when we abandon and reject ourselves and then expect others to take responsibility for our . . . → Read More: Healing Neediness

Why Am I Overlooked?

By Dr. Margaret Paul June 28, 2021

Have you wondered why you are so often overlooked when others aren’t?


It feels terrible to be constantly overlooked. This is the situation that Melanie is struggling with:

“Even when I think I am fitting in to a group and talking to everybody OK . . . → Read More: Why Am I Overlooked?

Are You Emotionally Dependent?

Discover the difference between needs coming from emotional dependency and authentic needs that we have within a relationship.

Every few weeks I do a free webinar. People can listen on their computers or on the phone; they can write in asking questions or they can ask me directly on the phone. Here is one of the questions a woman – I will call her Susan – asked in a webinar on emotional dependency:

“When we are in a relationship and we have made our needs clear to our partner, is hanging on in the hope they will follow through with promises to meet our needs a sign of emotional dependency?”

The answer is – it depends on what needs you are taking about. There are some needs we have that can only be met by another person, and there are other needs that we need to learn to meet ourselves. Continue reading Are You Emotionally Dependent?


Needs vs. Neediness

Have you wondered about the difference between legitimate needs and neediness? . . . → Read More: Needs vs. Neediness