alanis morissette

“Inner Bonding has helped me to evolve in my courage to love…”           Alanis Morissette

john gray

“The essential tools for achieving inner peace, joy and fulfillment”     John Gray, Men Are from Mars…

lindsay wagner

“What if there was a single process that could solve all the issues with which we struggle?”   Lindsay Wagner


“It is one thing to behold the wisdom and quite another to be able to use it. A treasure indeed.”
Neale Donald Walsch


“…teaches the value of stepping into a new spiritual paradigm – into love and trust of self, others, and God”   Jack Canfield

Have you tried everything to feel good about yourself but you still experience feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy?

Inner Bonding is a powerful psychological and spiritual process for healing anxiety, depression, addictions and failed relationships.

Inner Bonding heals the pervasive pattern of self-abandonment/shame that is the underlying cause of these issues.

Are you tired of failed relationships and jobs that don’t fulfill your dreams, or are problems with spouses, partners, friends, family or co-workers causing you stress?

Inner Bonding shows you how to love yourself, even through challenging times, so you can truly experience love with those closest to you.

Do you turn to various addictions because you don’t know any other way of managing your painful feelings?

Inner Bonding enables you to lovingly manage all painful feelings without turning to addictions.

Welcome! Come walk with me as I guide you through healing your pain and into the freedom and joy of learning to love yourself and share your love with others.

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individual and conjoint Skype and telephone counseling sessions.

alanis morissetteListen to Dr. Margaret Paul’s interview with Alanis Morissette

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“I can’t even begin to describe what this [IB Village] means to me, having spent most of my life … feeling all alone in the world. I don’t anymore. This is a gift too deep for me to be able to describe in words.” –Anonymous Member

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Love Yourself: A 30-Day Inner Bonding Experience

Are you ready to free yourself of fear, anxiety and depression, guilt, shame, addictions and relationship problems?

“I’ve spent around USD 100,000 on personal development for the last 6 years… None of these experiences have even been close to guiding me home to my Self in the way you and your work have. This has been the missing link for me!” –Håvard
“… the progress I have made since SelfQuest….I am drug free – no more antidepressants … I have lost over 100 pounds I went to college, graduated, now have a great job. …. I thank you for what you gave me when you sent me your program.”
–Kathleen Wood Howe, Kettering, OH

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“This is the most powerful information I have read in a very long time. After almost a year of coaching and a couple of years of NLP, EFT and reading everything I could possibly get my hands on – nothing comes close to what you’re offering. … It is really great stuff!”

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weight loss toolbox

Dr. Margaret’s Permanent Weight Loss 12-Week e-Course

Resolve your weight issues at the deepest level -the level of the emptiness and aloneness that create compulsive eating.

“I’m 63 years old and was obsessed with dieting from the age of 19….Having thoroughly examined many approaches to my addictions…your words are beginning to put in place some critical missing pieces. The concepts of self-abandonment and self-love that you delineate really speak to me.”
–J.D., Evanston,IL

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Inner Bonding Weekend Workshop

Inner bonding workshop thumbnailThe Inner Bonding Workshop offers a definitive technology for developing a spiritually-connected loving inner Adult that becomes the loving parent to ourselves that we may have never had.

“The Inner Bonding workshop has taught me ways to deal with my feelings like no other program, book or therapist. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who has the desire of becoming a more loving person.”
Southern California Weekend Workshop, 4.14
–Heather Neely,State Trooper, Las Vegas,NV

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Iennr Bonding 5-Day Intensive Retreat – for individuals and couples

Intensive ThumbnailDr. Margaret Paul quickly sees exactly how you are treating yourself that is causing your suffering and gently guides you in learning to love yourself and others, rather than continue to abandon yourself.


“… truly transformational for my wife Cheri & I.”
Santa Barbara Intensive, 2.12
–Jim Broughton,Director Minneapolis,MN“Margaret, I am sending you an immense amount of love and gratitude for all that IB has taught me so far, and continues to teach me each and every day! Ever since the Colorado Intensive, my life has opened up. I have a new job. And I also have found love! … I thank you for…guiding me to become who I am capable of being.”
Colorado Intensive, 6.12
–Betsy White,Teacher, Green Bay,WI

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Unlocking Your Inner Wisdom

frequency video pictureA 30-Day at-Home Experience with Dr. Margaret Paul – to Connect With or Deepen Your Connection With Your Spiritual Guidance and Learn The Art of Manifestation

“I just finished the frequency course and I am so grateful to you and your work, which have been a huge help for me.
I find the information to be very powerful!!”

–Kimberly Ross

Wildly, Deeply, Joyously in Love

loving relationships video pictureFor partnered individuals and couples,
and people who want to be partnered

“I just began this course and it is already helping me improve my relationship!”
–G. Brown

Attracting your Beloved: A 30-Day At-Home Course

Attracting ThumbA 30-Day At-Home Experience
to Learn How to Attract the Love of your Life – With Dr. Margaret Paul

“I wanted to let you know that after taking the 30 day ‘Attracting Your Beloved’ course I have met and begun a new relationship – the first one in 7 years at the age of 40!”
“I am thrilled and yet calm – not experiencing any of the previous senses of panic or fear because I know, come what may, I will never lose me again. I’m in no doubt that this has happened due to the inner work I have undertaken since discovering Inner Bonding…” 

– Annie

Passionate Purpose, Vibrant Health! A 30-Day at Home Experience

Passionate ThumbA 30-Day at-home experience
to discover your passionate purpose, enhance creativity, and
create a joyful, vibrantly healthy life – With Dr. Margaret Paul