Work with Dr. Margaret Paul

Dr. Margaret Paul consults on the phone and on Skype with both individuals and couples worldwide. If you are interested in Inner Bonding facilitation with Dr. Margaret, or just want some information, you can contact our Inner Bonding assistant, Valerie Lippincott, at 888-6INNERBOND (888-646-6372), or email her at Valerie will be happy to help you and answer any questions you have.

“After doing Inner Bonding for several years I am making connection with myself and spirit top priority for the first time in my life. I went from being repulsed by my inner baby to comforting her with love and kindness even during social situations and workplace challenges. Simple pleasures and art projects are bringing us joy and I have also been able to quit pot and alcohol. The most powerful part of IB for me is taking responsibility for my feelings. I consult a lot of spirituality and self-help, but IB is my core guidance. The simplicity, clarity and depth of IB help give structure to my chaotic and cyclical ponderings so that I am beginning to heal and find inner solitude. I feel better about life than ever before – thank you Margaret and Inner Bonding!” —Val Dudley

“I have always looked to new information, new tools & relying on things external to myself to bring about happiness & overcome obstacles and addictions from the past. Whilst they have all made a difference to living life, none were as deep and truly loving as the inner bonding process. I now have access to a new way of healing myself. There’s always been a part of me that has always known the way but needed to be shown ‘how’ – simply put the inner bonding process shows you the how.” —Daniel Balacco

Hi, Margaret. I feel impressed to remind you how very much I appreciate all the work you do to help people overcome their false beliefs, step into their power, and claim their own voice of mastery. There is no more precious or efficacious gift one human being can bestow upon another. When I contemplate the mission you’ve chosen to undertake, and the personal benefit I have enjoyed as a result, it brings ease to feeling, believing, and experiencing that I am totally supported by a loving Universe. You’ve provided a living model of that pattern for the 20+ years I’ve been privileged to partake of your wisdom and compassionate service, and I appreciate you VERY much. How rewarding it must be to consistently add positive value to life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! —Linda Quest

“Your work is revolutionary and just what the planet needs right now.” —Jim Broughton

“Inner Bonding is the greatest process ever! Margaret Paul is an inspired genius! Does this sound a little too effusive? Well, yes, probably I am biased because I am an Inner Bonding facilitator, but let’s put the chicken before the egg here: I trained to become a facilitator after I experienced the huge difference the process made in my life, and as I witnessed the enormous changes in myself and others who used the 6 Steps. I wanted to bring to others what Inner Bonding and Margaret Paul brought to me. So if you are serious about healing yourself, if you really mean business when it comes to changing your dis-functional behaviors, if you really want a method to engage productively in conflict with others, then jump on the Inner Bonding train. The destination is your own, and the journey is well worth it!” —Nancy Weston,Inner Bonding Facilitator, Danbury,Connecticut

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