Can We Ever Heal From Childhood Abuse?

By Dr. Margaret Paul November 09, 2020

Will you always be struggling with the effects of an abusive childhood?

If you had an abusive childhood, will you always suffer from it? This is the question that Andrea asked me about:

“I had a terrifying childhood. I have had counseling, motion light therapy, and been . . . → Read More: Can We Ever Heal From Childhood Abuse?

Breaking Down or Breaking Open

Breaking down keeps you stuck, while breaking open allows you to discover the power within yourself.

“Something I didn’t want to happen, happens. I feel the resistance build within. I feel the pressure to control what is obviously out of my control. I become aware of what I’m doing—I become aware of the choice either to break down or to break open.” Elizabeth Lesser, Broken Open, p. 256

How aware are you that when bad things happen or something that you didn’t want to happen, happens, you have a choice of whether to break down or break open? This is what Elizabeth Lesser’s book, Broken Open, is about. It’s about using all our challenging life situations to open, on deeper and deeper levels, to our true, core essential selves. Unfortunately, many people do the opposite when deeply challenged—they numb and hide and avoid. They are afraid that if they let themselves break open to their deeper, spiritual selves, they will not be able to handle the painful feelings of heartbreak, loneliness, grief and helplessness over others and circumstances. Continue reading Breaking Down or Breaking Open


Are Kindness and Tenderness Signs of Weakness?

Are you confusing gentleness and kindness with weakness? Discover what weakness really is and how to acquire the strength to be kind and gentle. . . . → Read More: Are Kindness and Tenderness Signs of Weakness?