Can We Ever Heal From Childhood Abuse?

By Dr. Margaret Paul November 09, 2020

Will you always be struggling with the effects of an abusive childhood?

If you had an abusive childhood, will you always suffer from it? This is the question that Andrea asked me about:

“I had a terrifying childhood. I have had counseling, motion light therapy, and been . . . → Read More: Can We Ever Heal From Childhood Abuse?

Confronting an Abusive Parent

By Dr. Margaret Paul October 19, 2020

Is it loving to yourself to confront a parent about past abuse? Discover what is right for you.

A woman wrote, asking:

“I am trying to connect with my family of origin. I’ve been working on my recovery for a bit over a year (ACA . . . → Read More: Confronting an Abusive Parent


Discover how the heartbreak of your childhood causes emotional and physical problems today, and what you can do to heal. . . . → Read More: Heartbreak