Held and Healed With Love

Held and Healed With Love?

By Dr. Margaret Paul April 12, 2021

Were you adequately mothered? If not, then you might want to find a way to receive the healing that loving mothering provides.

I was working with Karina at one of my 5-Day Intensives. Tears streaming down her face, she was feeling . . . → Read More: Held and Healed With Love

How to Define Your True Self-Worth

By Dr. Margaret Paul January 04, 2021

Do you believe your self-worth is in your looks and performance? If you do, is this working for you and bringing you joy?

Marilyn asked in one of my webinars:

“I’ve noticed there are times I define my worth in a way that seems not . . . → Read More: How to Define Your True Self-Worth

The One New Year's Resolution I Hope You Make...And Keep

By Dr. Margaret Paul December 30, 2019

This one New Year’s resolution can change your life, heal your relationships, create health and well being, and heal our planet.

One of the most important aspects of Inner Bonding is opening to a compassionate intention to learn. I think a lot about love and . . . → Read More: The One New Year’s Resolution I Hope You Make…And Keep

Can We Ever Heal From Childhood Abuse?

By Dr. Margaret Paul November 09, 2020

Will you always be struggling with the effects of an abusive childhood?

If you had an abusive childhood, will you always suffer from it? This is the question that Andrea asked me about:

“I had a terrifying childhood. I have had counseling, motion light therapy, and been . . . → Read More: Can We Ever Heal From Childhood Abuse?

How We Heal, Change and Grow

By Dr. Margaret Paul May 18, 2020

Discover what creates true healing and lasting change for you.

I have worked with many people who sought me out after years and years of talk therapy without finding the healing they sought. I’ve also worked with people who have spent years in various forms . . . → Read More: How We Heal, Change and Grow

Discovering The Pearl From the Wounds

By Dr. Margaret Paul March 02, 2020

Rather than feeling like a victim of your wounds, you might want to embrace them as the injury necessary to produce the being that you are capable of becoming.

“A pearl is a beautiful thing that is produced by an injured life. It is . . . → Read More: Discovering The Pearl From the Wounds