Separation or Connection – It’s Your Choice!

By Dr. Margaret Paul
November 26, 2018

Your wounded self loves to zing you with thoughts that create fear and other painful feelings to keep you separate from Spirit. What are your triggers?

spiritual connection

One of the major purposes of the wounded self is to make sure you stay disconnected from Spirit so that it can stay in control of your life. While we created our wounded selves to try to feel safe by having control over getting love and avoiding pain to feel safe, the wounded self gets addicted to having this illusion of control and doesn’t want to give it up. It is, therefore, invested in you staying separate from Spirit.

The wounded self has a list of thoughts and beliefs that it knows will scare you and create disconnection from self and Spirit. When you are feeling great due to being inwardly connected with your Source, the wounded self tends to enlist these thoughts to create disconnection, which is the only way that it has of staying in control.

What are the major areas that create this disconnection for you? Where are you most vulnerable to tumbling out of faith and connection with love and truth, and into anxiety, depression, guilt, shame or anger? What are the lies your wounded self makes up to create doubt and separation from Spirit?

Some of the areas where our wounded self can get to us are:


“I don’t have enough time to get things done.”
“There is never enough time in a day.”
“I have no time for myself.”
“My time is not my own.”
“I’m trapped doing things I hate doing.”


“No one will ever love me.”
“I will always be alone and lonely.”
“I need a relationship to be happy.”
“I’m trapped in this relationship.”
“I will always have to do everything for myself.”
“I will never have someone to laugh and play with.”
“I will never be free to do what I want. I will always have to give myself up to be loved.”
“I will always end up getting hurt.”
“People don’t like me because there is something wrong with me.”
“It’s not my fault. She did this to me.”
“He should be here for me.”
“If he loved me, he would….”
“I can’t be happy while I’m in this relationship.”

Competence, Adequacy, Lovability

“I can’t do this.”
“I don’t know how.”
“I will never get this.”
“I’m stupid.”
“I should know how to do this by now.”
“I’m inadequate, not good enough.”
“Everything is always my fault.”
“I don’t deserve to be loved.”
“I have been hurt too much. I can never heal.”
“I am essentially flawed.”
“I’m ugly.”

Money, Success

“I will end up on the streets.”
“I will never be a success.”
“I will never have enough money.”
“I’m a loser.”
“Some people are lucky, but I’m not.”
“Things will never turn out right for me.”
“I’m trapped in a job I hate.”
“No matter how hard I try, I will never get anywhere.”


“God loves some people but not me, because I don’t deserve love.”
“God is there for some lucky people but not me.”
“Spiritual connection is easy for some people, but I can’t experience this.”
“All this talk about God or Spirit is a bunch of crap. There is nothing there.”
“I am alone and I will always be alone.”
“God has it out for me. I am being punished.”


“Why do I always have to get sick?”
“It’s not fair that some people are just naturally healthy.”
“How come they get to eat whatever they want and they don’t get sick or fat?”
“If I keep doing this, I will get sick.”
“Life makes me sick.”
“I think I’m getting sick again.”
“There is no escape from illness and pain.”

You might want to make your own list of your most common thoughts that create fear, anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, hurt or anger – the negative thoughts and judgments that create doubt and disconnection from Spirit. The more you tune in to what triggers you out of peace and into anxiety, the more choice you will have to get back into connection with love and truth.

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