Overwhelmed and Frazzled

By Dr. Margaret Paul August 10, 2020

Do you tend to get frazzled when a lot is going on? Discover why.

Do you get overwhelmed and frazzled when too much is going on? Does your system feel on overload when too much hits you at once?

This is a common experience for introverted and . . . → Read More: Overwhelmed and Frazzled


Are you shy? Is your shyness getting in the way of your connection with others?

Have you struggled with being a shy person?

Lily asks:

“I try hard to overcome my shyness and reluctance to stand out, speak up and shine. It’s a daily struggle for me. I make small progress, but can . . . → Read More: Shyness

“Why Do I Seem to Attract Rejection?”

Are you perplexed regarding why you so often feel rejected by others?

Alana asked me the following question:

“My whole life I have felt that I don’t fit in with others – in my family, school, work – and while I have a pleasant, friendly demeanor, I also have an underlying self-consciousness, and . . . → Read More: “Why Do I Seem to Attract Rejection?”