Addiction To Getting Things Done

Discover when getting things done is healthy, and when it is unhealthy and obsessive.

There are many addictive ways that most of us have learned to avoid our painful feelings, and focusing on getting things done is often one of these ways.

It’s not that there is anything wrong with getting things done. Most of us have a lot that we need to do and we may feel stressed when we don’t get done what we need to do. It is certainly not addictive to make lists and be self-disciplined enough to follow through on our lists.

Whether or not it is addictive depends on your intent. If your intent is to be a responsible self-disciplined adult, then getting things done is healthy, loving action toward yourself. But when your intent is to use your list and obsessively getting things done as a way to avoid responsibility for your feelings, then it becomes addictive. Continue reading Addiction To Getting Things Done