Loving Yourself means ‘Owning It!’

Years ago I heard my guidance say to me, “Own it!”

“What do you mean by own it?” I asked. “Own what?”

No answer.


What Owning It Means…

It took me quite a few years to understand what “Own it!” means. Now I know that it means to fully own my own life, my own soul’s journey, my path, my passion and purpose, my gifts and talents. It means to own my power as a co-creator with Spirit – to own that my thoughts are creative and that I create my life. It means to own that I am the love that is God, and so is everyone else. I see that the more I own who I really am as an expression of the love that is God, and fully embrace the power that each of us has when we operate from our higher self, rather than from our ego wounded self, the more peace and joy I feel and the more I am able to manifest my passion and purpose.

Recently I attended an art show by a very gifted but struggling artist. His paintings are very beautiful and I wondered why he is still struggling. As I tuned into his energy, I realized that he isn’t fully owning his incredible talent. I could feel that his lack of fully owning his wonderful gift is lowering his frequency and blocking the full manifestation of his passion and purpose.

An acquaintance of mine is suffering from some heart trouble. I mentioned that often our thoughts affect our health, and her response was that she knows this and is trying to figure it out. If she had asked me my opinion, I would have told her that my experience of her is that she is often closed, judgmental and unforgiving, and that her heart problems are likely reflecting her sometimes-closed heart. Energetically, I could feel that this is true. But since she didn’t ask me, I didn’t say anything. She isn’t fully owning her beautiful essence – the open, accepting and forgiving part of her, and this is likely contributing to her problems.


Owning It Isn’t Always Easy

Owning all that we are and how truly powerful each of us is, as a unique expression of the mind of God-which-is-love, is often not easy. Many of us were taught to suppress our gifts and talents. We were taught that diminishing ourselves and staying small was the way to be safe. Women especially were often taught that their survival was dependent on staying small.

It’s no surprise, then, that our ego wounded self is devoted to NOT owning all that we are and fully living our own lives. The ego wounded self is all about safety and survival, so anything that seemingly threatens that is judged as wrong, bad and way too risky.


Owning It Leads to Manifestation

Thankfully, it is just the opposite. When you fully own all that you are, you learn that true safety comes from being connected with your spiritual guidance. It’s in owning all that you are that you find yourself able to fully manifest your gifts and talents.

It takes courage to go against the programmed false beliefs of your wounded self, but the more you do it, the easier it gets. Anxiety and depression are replaced with a delicious lightness of being, along with inner peace, joy and increased health and energy. These wonderful feelings let you know that you are now on the right path – that fully owning all that you are and living your own life is what we are here to do.

I hope that today you explore what you are not owning about your soul essence, and begin to fully embrace the gifts you’ve been given.

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