In The Beginning Was the Word…

John 1:1: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Have you ever wondered what this really means?

Recently, in speaking with my Guidance, this is what she said to me when I asked her about this:

“Change the word ‘Word” to the word “Thought” and say the sentence as, “In the beginning was Thought, and Thought was with God, and Thought was God.”

“Your thoughts are words in your mind. These thoughts/words are creative. When you think true and positive thoughts, you feel better and you more easily manifest what you want. When you think untrue and negative thoughts, you feel badly and are manifesting what you don’t want.”

Ah! This made sense to me. I know that we are each a spark of the Divine. Our true and loving thoughts/inner words come from the ‘mind’ of God, while our untrue and judgmental thoughts come from our own ego wounded mind.

There is much power in understanding this – understanding that the ‘Word’ of God that comes through each of us when our heart is open to learning is creative. We create our lives with our thoughts and resulting actions of love and compassion – or our thoughts and resulting actions of control and judgment.

Were you taught that God is judgmental? Nothing can be further from the truth. Everyone who has had a near-death experience comes back with the same story – that the love they felt was beyond anything they had ever experienced, and that there was not a shred of judgment.


Let’s Let This Guide Us…


Each of us is a creative force on this planet. Each of us has the free will to choose judgment or compassion each moment, to choose control or love each moment. The challenge is that most of us have been programmed to automatically choose judgment and control – especially self-judgment. In order to make a different choice, we need to be aware of making a choice. There is where Step One of Inner Bonding comes in – being aware of your feelings.

Our feelings – our inner guidance system – unerringly lets us know whether we are operating from our limited, programmed ego wounded mind, judging and controlling, or whether we are centered in our spiritually connected loving adult self, being loving and compassionate with ourselves and others. By learning to stay present in your body, you can instantly be aware of your intention in any given moment.

When I finally understood the gift our feelings are, I was blown away. Like so many of you, I had spent all my years before Inner Bonding ignoring, suppressing, avoiding or acting out my feelings, rather than learning from them. I had no idea that I was creating my wounded feelings and my less than joyful experience of life. Now, after much practice, I’m instantly aware of what I feel and I allow peace, happiness, and joyful feelings to guide me in my highest good. I know that when I feel full of joy within, I’m on the right track in my thinking – my Word. This is why I choose not to do anything that numbs my feelings. Why would I want to numb out my infallible inner guidance system?

I am in deep gratitude that we were not dumped on this challenging planet alone with no guidance system. I’m so grateful for all of my feelings – the joyful and the painful ones – because all of them are always informing me of whether I’m abandoning myself or loving myself – whether my thoughts are creating what I want or what I don’t want.

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