You Don’t Really Know Someone Until You Have Conflict


By Dr. Margaret Paul June 08, 2020

Do you sometimes wonder if you really know the person you are dating?

People often ask me how they can know whether or not someone they are dating is really an open and caring person.

“He seems open and caring, but how can I . . . → Read More: You Don’t Really Know Someone Until You Have Conflict

Can I Change A Narcissist?

Sometimes we are clueless regarding the subtle ways we are trying to control, while being very aware of a partner’s controlling behavior.

Tara asked me the following question:

“Dear Dr. Paul, How do you reach your spouse if they are narcissistic and shut down emotionally? He does not say anything when I explain inner bonding, intent or control – just stares. Even if I declare my love for him and my wish to be closer, he just nods his head! He is the son of narcissist father and borderline mother who both stepped out of his life when we married, He sees no reason to forgive anyone and he is not only defensive – he is offensive!!! Any conversation he must be in control. Help!!”

Tara, I’m going to make the assumption that you knew some of these things about him before marrying him, or that you got swept off your feet by the narcissistic charm and didn’t take the time you needed to really know him before marrying him. Continue reading Can I Change A Narcissist?