Getting Over Fights

Getting Over Fights

By Dr. Margaret Paul [ 1724 Hit(s) ] March 08, 2021

Do you get over fights with a partner quickly, or does it take you a long time to get over them?

Most couples fight at times. This is generally not a problem unless they fight unfairly, hitting below . . . → Read More: Getting Over Fights

What to do When You Can’t Communicate

What do you usually do when you get stuck with someone and can’t communicate?

Do you:

  • Try harder to get your point across, talking louder or faster?
  • Get angry, shouting to intimidate the other person into hearing you and/or agreeing with you?
  • Cry in frustration?
  • Feel resigned, give in and just listen quietly to the other person?
  • Walk away or hang up the phone in a huff, withdrawing your love in the hope of punishing the other person into hearing you?
  • Grab a drink or food to avoid your feelings?
  • Turn on the TV or open a book?
  • Ruminate about how wrong the other person is and what you wish you could say to them?

What happens within you and with your relationship when you do any of these things? Continue reading What to do When You Can’t Communicate