Relationships: When To Let Go and Move On

Are you staying in an abusive relationship because you believe you can change it or not be bothered by it?

The question of when to leave a relationship comes up over and over with my clients and with the members of Inner Bonding Village. In fact, my YouTube video, “When To Leave A Relationship,” is my most popular video.

Sonia asked:

“What can you advise for a couple who is struggling with one person wanting to grow, love, move forward and the other person does not want to change. The person who wants to change is going to church and has stopped all addictions; however, the other person feels threatened and fearful and is making it harder for both. Abuse is going on and I know I need to move on. He is not my husband, but we live together and I have a son living with us. I realize I can’t change him or even help him when it is hard enough to deal with my own past and inner child. When is it time to let go and move on without feeling guilty that I gave up on him? Thank you.” Continue reading Relationships: When To Let Go and Move On