Standing Strong In Your Own Truth

Are you able to stand in your truth, or do you let others talk you out of what you know is right for you?

When the biblical floods hit Colorado on September 12th, I texted my daughter to see if they were okay. “We’re Ok, the house isn’t.” I called immediately. “There’s a six foot wall of water in our back yard. The creek is a huge raging river!”  she shouted, panicked. Six weeks prior, we had moved from Durango, to Berthoud, Colorado, into a huge house.

Thankfully, our house was fine and we had plenty of room to shelter my daughter and her family.

Sheryl and my two grandsons arrived without Daev, my son-in-law.

“Where’s Daev?”

“I begged him to come but he said he had to save the house for us. I told him there was nothing he could do. I wish he was here.”

Daev worked tirelessly, building dams, pulling down gates, pumping water out of the crawlspace and enlisting the help of neighbors. Days later, when their house was the only one on the creek that didn’t have water coming into the first floor, Sheryl was so grateful that he hadn’t listened to her, and stood strong in his truth. Others were not so fortunate. Some people I spoke with had a feeling that they should stay up that night to protect their house and their belongings – that something was amiss (even though the magnitude of this flood was not predicted) -, but they didn’t listen to the feeling – they didn’t trust themselves. Some let others talk them out of listening to themselves, and they lost so much.

It’s not always easy to stand in our truth, especially when loved ones beg us, or tell us we are being silly, or judge us for what we want, or for what we believe is right. I’m certain we’ve all had hard lessons regarding what happens when we don’t stand in our truth. I certainly have.

I’ve discovered that it’s when I stand solid in my truth that Spirit comes through for me. A few years ago, I knew we needed to leave Durango, but I really didn’t understand all the reasons why. I just knew it was the right thing to do. When we finally sold our house, there was almost nothing available for us to buy on the Front Range, where we wanted to go, that would be appropriate for us and our horses. Everything we saw was either in terrible shape or was not usable for us. The house we finally bought was the only one available that would work, but it was WAY bigger than anything I ever thought I would live in. Still, everything in me told me it was the right house.

Fortunately, I trusted myself.

Now I know why we had to have such a big house. We ended up housing two families – my daughter’s and her best friends and their children. I feel so grateful that we moved when we did – just weeks before the epic flood, and that our home was spared damage. Standing in my truth and trusting my Guidance once again came through for me. I am in awe at what happens when we trust Spirit’s plans for us.

Obviously, it’s not easy to let go of following our mind instead of our heart and soul. Many of us have not learned to trust our gut feelings, our intuition – our inner knowing. Many of us believe what we know with our minds more than what we know with our heart and soul. One thing I know is that my mind cannot access the Source of Truth that is available to all of us, the way my heart and soul can.

I encourage you to begin standing firmly in your truth – listen courageously to yourself, to your inner knowing, even if you risk others’ ridicule. Let’s not let others’ fear stand in the way of being in truth with our inner knowing.

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