COVID-19: Are You Trusting Yourself or Trusting Authorities?

August 03, 2020

Do you trust your inner knowing?

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There is so much news about this pandemic flying around – some accurate and some fake. How do we know the difference?


We are all blessed with access to an infallible source of truth and guidance. If you tune into your feelings – which is the main way the aspect of your your soul that is within you communicates with you – while listening to or reading the news, you can actually feel what is true and right, and what is false and wrong. The problem is that many people have learned not to trust these feelings – to listen to ‘authorities’ rather than to the truth that comes directly from our soul within.

We also all have our soul that is all around us – our higher self.

Our soul is way too big to fit into our body, so some of our soul is within and some is all around us. We are within our soul and our soul is within us. The part of our soul that is all around us is also an infallible source of truth and guidance, and it pops the truth and the loving actions into our mind when we are open to learning about the truth, and about what is in our highest good.
When I see news (I don’t watch it but I do scan it), I tune into my gut feelings and I also tune into my higher self, asking about what is true and what isn’t, and what is loving to me, and I can feel and hear what is true and right.
It’s sad to me that this challenge with COVID-19 has become politicized in the US regarding masks and social distance. My guidance has clearly told me that I can be safe by following the CDC guidelines regarding masks and social distance. It confounds me that so many people are not getting this.
In other ways, it is a political issue regarding things like vaccinations, the ravaging of our planet and animals for factory-farmed food, the use of drugs rather than learning to support our immune system so that we can naturally fight off things like this virus. It is a political issue in terms of food insecurity for the poor and the availability of healthy foods for minorities. It’s not an accident that black people and Hispanics have a much higher death rate in this pandemic due to their underlying issues of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. It’s now well-known that the major cause of these degenerative diseases, along with the stress of economic insecurity, is the junk food produced by factory farms and the big food corporations.

All of this is wrong, and if we all start to listen to and trust ourselves, we will know it is wrong and know that we each need to do something about it.

And to know what to do, we each need to trust our inner knowing and take the loving actions that our inner and higher soul guides us to take – actions such as no longer purchasing factory-farmed foods, fast foods, and ultra-processed foods, and instead purchasing locally from regenerative farms, planting our gardens, and cooking at home.
We each have the power to create a healthier planet by listening to our own guidance rather than trusting the authorities – not only regarding this current challenging situation, but in our work and our relationships. It’s time to become our own gurus rather than just relying on ‘experts.’
I hope you start to practice listening within to your feelings and listening to your higher self. It does take practice, but it’s so worth it!
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