Why Many Women Don’t Think About Sex

Are you a woman who rarely or never thinks about sex? Have you believed that was something wrong with you?

Laverne wrote the following to me:

“I have never had thoughts that picture me making love with my husband – or anyone else for that matter. I imagine connection, fun and feelings of love but never making love. If it was left up to me sex would never be on the agenda, just because it would never occur to me to make love. I know when my husband would like to make love, and I enjoy it when I do make love, but it would never cross my mind if he didn’t initiate. I feel I am missing being aware and connected to a part of me. Surely a reasonably balanced and mostly connected human being should have some sort of sex drive. Your thoughts and insights would be really appreciated. Thank you.” Continue reading Why Many Women Don’t Think About Sex


3 Steps to Healing from Betrayal

Betrayal is one of the hardest things to go through, and it is vitally important that you deal with it in a way that doesn’t cause you even more pain.

It is devastating when someone whom we believe cares about us betrays us – lies, cheats, breaks a sacred promise, hurts us behind our back, steals from us, turns others against us and so on.

The Steps to Healing From Betrayal

  1. Releasing the feelings rather than staying stuck with them

It is vitally important to find healthy ways of releasing the outrage, heartbreak and helplessness over the other person that occurs in betrayal. The first step in releasing these very painful feelings is to move into compassion for yourself. Too often, we may blame ourselves for not seeing the signs of betrayal and getting caught unawares, but we must remember that we are human and can’t always know what’s happening. Continue reading 3 Steps to Healing from Betrayal


Inspirational Video: Let Joy Be Your Guide

Spirit has gifted us with an unerring guide to keep us on track with what is true and loving to ourselves and others. Watching this 1 minute movie, “Let Joy Be Your Guide,” will remind you of this gift.

I’m Neat, He’s Messy–What Can I Do?

Is your partner’s messiness driving you crazy? Discover how to resolve this issue in your relationship.

When we meet and fall in love with someone, we often don’t think about what might seem like minor differences, which can later turn into major conflicts. One of these differences that frequently occurs with my clients is neatness vs. messiness.

Vanessa, in one of our Skype sessions, said:

“I’m a naturally neat person and my husband, Derek, is very messy. I’m constantly picking up after him and I hate it. I’ve talked to him about it, letting him know that neatness is very important to me and that I feel crabby and overwhelmed when things are messy, but nothing changes. It makes me feel very uncared about, and I don’t know what to do.” Continue reading I’m Neat, He’s Messy–What Can I Do?


Stop Escalating Conflict!

Do you get into fights that turn ugly as the conflict escalates? Discover how to stop doing this.

A participant in one of my webinars asked: “Is there any way to resolve conflict if you have two ‘escalating’ personalities trying to solve a problem? In other words, how do you resolve conflict between two very strong willed, always-right personalities, who tend to escalate with every attempt at solving conflict?”

There is a hard and fast rule about resolving conflict that most people find hard to remember: You cannot resolve conflict unless both people are open to learning.

As long as each person is trying to be right, win, or at least not lose, no new learning can take place. Conflict resolves when new learning occurs due to both people being open to learning about themselves and each other. Continue reading Stop Escalating Conflict!


Inspirational Video: Remember to Ask…

There is a question you can ask throughout the day that connects you with your spiritual Guidance and becomes the guiding light of your life. Watch this 1 minute movie, “Remember to Ask…” and start asking this question!

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